Applications of the Teaching of Jesus

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Live your life independently, but with a guided path. The teachings and parables of Jesus were transcribed from his disciples to become influential pieces of writings to those who choose to live by it morally. The Bible changes the lives of children and adults who seek guidance in everyday hassles. A text that changes the world may change an individual’s world, and the actual world. Catholicism, which stems from Christianity, has adapted the Old and New Testament to their faith. Jesus began his mission advocating for stewardship of the earth. The Bible reflects those teaching methods Jesus used like metaphorical or allegorical stories, which are known as parables in the religious community. Jesus established a community transgressed by pacifism for the promotion of peace. The Bible changes the world because it has a lasting effect on the people who try to live their lives’ by it. The Bible will continue to live even if there are those who try to suppress it. The beauty of a text changing the world is that it creates controversy yet leads certain groups of people. It escalades arguments used by religious and politician leaders in search of making a better world. There are laws like abortion that may conflict with doctrines of the Catholic Church. People study the Bible to learn about God’s love, and ultimately people seek the true meaning of love to lead a healthy life. The Bible’s moral messages transcribe to today’s current issues in the world. The Bible contains the components to changing one’s behaviors in a moral manner reflecting the devotion to changing the world.
When we act it is always best to do it with love. The Bible promotes the well being of living a healthy and moral life. Old teachings that create a incorporeal s...

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...or those who abide by its teachings of love and faith. The religious aspect of life has created a balance of good and bad so that all bad doing does not corrupt the world. The idea of a heaven and hell for those who believe has created fear in committing violence. I fearing a religious notion like hell makes me live easy. Controversy and argument stem from these beliefs, but Amit explains, “studying the Bible is considered a means of attaining such social objectives as values of morality and justice, as well as esthetic purposes”(201). Beauty serves as the underlying message of the Bible. It is a theme the Bible hopes to send to its audience through moral development. Life and generations continue to change, but the Bible will not. All teaching aspects continue to apply as long as individuals are engulfed by it’s calling to create a generation of renaissance (202).
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