Applications Of Grammar In Language Teaching Essay

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Module (4)
Applications Of Linguistics To Language Teaching
Section (A)

1) What is the place of grammar in language teaching? How necessary is it for the teacher to have knowledge of both English Grammar and the grammar of the students’ language or languages?
Many people believe that the grammarissueis a crucial one. The word Grammar has variousinterpretations to different people. Ordinary citizens interpret itascorrect or incorrect English. Students interpret it as the study of the terminology and analysis of the sentences. Grammar provides the students with the skill to recognize their mistakes and master the writing skill. A lot of peopledislike grammar andregard it as the most uninteresting partof learning a new language.
For linguists,
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Ithas beengiven acentralattentionwhenteaching or learning any language.Teaching grammar is aneeded aspect of school education or adult learning.
The place of grammar has beenalso a matter of debatealong the history of second language teaching. Thornburry(2001) believes that grammar debate is the most important issue that has taken the effort and time of the linguists and practitioners.Many attitudes have been revealed within this debate. Some argues that grammar is a main item in teaching English language. This attitude is shown in the Grammar Translation Method. However, some linguists assume that learners of English shouldn't learn grammar. And this attitude is shown in Natural Approach and the Communicative Language Teaching.
Those who advocate grammar teaching believe that teaching grammar provides the learners with the greatest possible amount of linguistic creativity. It is a tool that helps them to producean extremely largenumber of sentences. They assume that memorizing single words has restricted use and isn't enough for outstanding communication. Teaching grammar has asignificanteffectin language acquisition. Learners will be able to recognize the input presented for them. Learners with no grammar background don't have the chance to gain this
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