Application for Undergraduate Studies

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Throughout my seventeen years of life, I have had many life experiences, made commitments, achieved goals, and gained talents. I am positive that all of this will prepare me to be a flourishing college student and a successful adult. I intend to use my college education and experience to further my ability to communicate with people, participate in my community, and make leaps and bounds in the equine industry.
I challenge myself to achieve the highest of goals. Advanced courses in my high school career provided an educational opportunity unparalleled by any other. They provided a springboard for me to take control of my education and make it benefit me in every way possible. I was eager to take classes such as Advanced Placement Literature Preparation, College Composition, and Advanced Placement US History. All of these classes helped me grow as a student as well as a writer. These classes during my junior year in high school led me to seek out other educational opportunities offered by my high school. I chose to attend Rochester Community and Technical College as a full time post secondary student. This not only allowed me to expand my learning horizon, but gain interests and college credits as well. I am familiar with the setting of a college course and have held the responsibility that is demanded by college level classes.
I have challenged myself to achieve goals outside of academics as well. Beginning in September of 2013, I started working for the Minnesota based company, Caribou Coffee. I quickly became passionate for my job as a barista. My eagerness to learn extended across to my new job as I quickly mastered new skills such as cashier work and drink making. I became very efficient at both aspects of the job. I als...

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...s Club. As the co-owner of my three year old quarter horse gelding and a competitor, I belong to the American Quarter Horse Association (as well as the AQHYA as a youth member), the Region 3 Affiliate of the AQHA, the National Reining Horse Association (as well as the NRHYA as a youth member), the North Central Reining Horse Association, and the Varsity Reining Club. All associations provide opportunities for me to succeed in my prospective field of applied Animal Science.
Recently, the fact that I am becoming a young adult has become a prominent one in my mind. I am making my own decisions and gaining both responsibility and independence. All of my life experiences have played a large role in the adult I will become. I am so looking forward to attending college at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls and achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a horse trainer.
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