Application Of Texture In Tectile

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TEXTURE Introduction :- In the real world every thing, every object have some texture. The term texture can be understand by the example like “ The way that something feels when we touch it or the way that a food or drink feels in our mouth”. So it can be define like something which is composed by closely interwoven elements. A texture is usually described as smooth or rough, soft or hard, coarse of fine, matt or glossy, etc. The natural world surrounding us is rich in texture. The surface of any visible object is textured at certain scale. So we can say “ The surface quality of an object is called texture” . Different type of variation in light/dark patterns of various textures are nothing but indications for visual enjoying. While the feberic, smoothness, pixel…show more content…
Robotics pattern recognition In prouduction department in company Image processing Image retrieval Image base medical dignosis Remote sensing Segmentation Industrial inspection Synthesis of texture Conclusion :- Every imagination of the world of which in term of visual or tectile it have some texture whose analysis and research is important for future purpose. Texture is playing an important role in the real world. As new technology is emerging the tectile is becoming more power for technology. Mobile,compute,robotics device are becoming more power for the future. By the help of visual image, many new technologies comes. New media, cyber security and monitoring can be manage. on the basis of analysis of filtring method for texture classification Random and Husoy suggested that “development of powerful texture classification method with low computational complexity is very useful direction of research”. References :-

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