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A selfie is a specific form of self-representation (p1) and is usually taken from a smartphone. Smartphones allow individuals to take a selfie and share it instantly on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. as a form of self-representation (p2). The constant development of social media platforms and applications has allowed users to easily create and share their personal content, such as selfies, as social media is known to be a method for self-representation (p2) (p52). Snapchat is an application that was designed to take selfies, as there are various affordances to help create different types of selfies, such as applying filters or using different lenses. People use this application to create different types of selfies, as well as edit them before posting, to best represent themselves on social media. Selfies represent individuals as they include their physical appearance and demonstrate their behaviors based on their poses and expressions (52). I first heard about Snapchat through my friends, who are more updated with technology and applications than I am. It was then all over the Internet and everyone was talking about it. My friends and I downloaded it from the Appstore and used it to communicate with each other often so we could figure out how to properly use it. I now use it on a daily basis, numerous times a day, as its the application that I use most compared to Instagram or Facebook. This is because I 'm someone who loves taking photos, and I find that sending selfies is a more fun way of communicating. I also love Snapchat because of the numerous affordances it offers. I find that this application helps represent myself accurately, as I 'm usually sending selfies or images/videos to ... ... middle of paper ... ... (24 hours), the age limit for users to create an account (13 years minimum) and the amount of times you can replay a Snapchat (once per day). To conclude, Snapchat is application that is created for self-representation, as the affordances all link to taking selfies and communicating. Snapchat can be used on smartphones and IPads, as it requires a device with a built in camera. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms for self-representation, as people use it more than other applications each day. Users have made this application a part of their daily lives, as they use it to record most of their activities, compared to Instagram or Facebook. This application is linked to other social media platforms in a way that users have the option of accessing the latest news and stories, through the discover page on the application. Word count: 2733

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