Application Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence could be defined as the intelligence of the machines and that the human being tries to provide such intelligence to the systems so that they can be capable of imitating or surpassing the mental capacities of the human being as the reasoning, understanding, imagination, recognition, and creativity to be able to produce emotions. Artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications in all fields of the industries as well as some peculiarities in the field of computing which allow us to perform much more complex tasks every day. It is considered that artificial intelligence has become an important factor in the world of work and in organizations where it is considered that the important thing is the academic intellect…show more content…
Not only in organizations does it apply the tools that use artificial intelligence but it can also be reflected in the computers of our homes with the antivirus or anti spam that we use in them. These use intelligent recognition techniques to detect malicious code for a specific field of artificial intelligence development, we will take the elaboration of games and most of them can be solved by means of an adequate modeling in states and the application of search algorithms between them. Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of the behaviors of the characters of the game not handled by the player. In video games in the 70s, artificial intelligence was applied by means of stored patterns and a very famous game of that time incorporating search algorithms in…show more content…
That a system can improve its behavior on the experience and have a knowledge of what is wrong and can avoid it would be crucial for that development. Technology has advanced along with the first expert systems which have evolved with their achievements which had been considered impossible at the time of posting, always creating machines capable of helping the human being, to replace it in unpleasant tasks, lasting, heavy or as a complement to leisure. I consider that artificial intelligence is and will be a fundamental support for the breakneck progress of the technology (hardware or software) with which the first results are already seen in the advances that the technology has had and therefore in any of the fields of application that we have talked about, help the human being to live in a different way or see the life from another point of

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