Application Of A Computer Science

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Computer Science is an extensive field with plenty of options to choose from, whether you want to create a new software that will make the development of a certain task easier to perform, to monitor and modify existing programs to make them work faster and more efficiently, to understand the structure of new technology and having the ability to fix it if something goes wrong, or simply keeping up with the new machines that as years go by, are becoming more necessary for our daily lives, this is the field you will definitely pursue. Inside this field however, there are plenty of different positions, each one with a considerable amount of responsibilities. This time though, I will concentrate in Software Developers. The objective of this report is to give you that understanding of that particular position in this field, describing the expectations, standards, job duties and other important factors needed in the present market. DISCUSSION: Every positon inside the computer sciences has its own expectations and duties, but knowing more about the one you are passionate about not only will open door for your future but will also give you entrance to new jobs with high expectation and constant advancements. When you have already chosen your desired positon, one of the main questions now is what is expected of you. I had the opportunity to speak with Louis Avila, he has been working as a software developer for 11 years and he simply said “once you learn the basic and you are aware of the things you have to be doing, the only thing you will be expected to do is to develop stronger skills, not just with computer but also with communication, presentation and leadership.” Being able to communicate and express yourself orally or in writing... ... middle of paper ... ...that you also need communication skills and the ability to work with others and share ideas to get better results. 3. What challenges did you face in this assignment? The most difficult challenge I faced with these assignment was that it was my first report written about my field of study, but not only because that’s the position I am working so hard for but also the fear of talking with someone who knows how things work and has mastered the things I have yet to learn was the most difficult for me. 4. What revisions would you make to the assignment if you had more time? If I had more time I’d find the way to speak with more people and see the similarities and differences between the companies they work for and their duties having the same educational background but another employer, also another sources would be great to understand and see how things are changing.
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