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From the day I submitted my application to study law at Victoria University, my goal was to work in a commercial law firm. Particularly, I am drawn to the problem solving element required in any legal position. Commercial law adds an additional element of solving these legal problems in a manner which helps the client achieve a competitive edge in the market. I like this competition aspect of commercial law, and the challenge it offers to any commercial lawyer. Throughout my studies and life in general, I have found that I work most effectively under pressure. I like the fact that commercial law is a challenging industry, with a high workload and expectations of responsibility. The reputation Chapman Tripp has gained in the legal profession, as evidenced by numerous awards, only adds to this pressure, and I think I am well suited to work at this high standard. I appreciate the variety provided by commercial law, with the ability to work with clients from a wide range of industries on numerous different legal issues. This is one of the reasons I am interested in Chapman Tripp in particular; as a large firm, with an impressive range of clients, Chapman Tripp offers this variety. Further, Chapman Tripp values the importance of community contribution which is important to me. I have strived to contribute to the community throughout my schooling and university life, through various charity and volunteer work. The fact that Chapman Tripp uses its resources as a commercial law firm to benefit the community adds a further element of variety. A further appeal of working in a commercial law firm, is the continually changing environment of both the legal system and business itself. I like the fact that working in commercial law requires... ... middle of paper ... ...t strength that I can bring to the winter clerk programme. Throughout high school and my university studies I have held a part time job, participated in community service, maintained my grades and also worked towards personal goals. I have had numerous successes, achieving Proxime Accessit in my final year of school, awarded a place on the Dean 's list in 2014 and running my first half marathon earlier this year. These successes have all been a result of hard work, time management and balance which I feel are my most valuable skills, and make me a responsible and reliable candidate for the programme. Given the opportunity to be a part of the winter clerk programme, I would work extremely hard to utilise my strengths not only perform any given tasks most efficiently, but also to gain and develop skills from the experience to allow me to work both harder, and smarter.

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