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It gives me great pleasure to write this letter in support of Mr. Auli Kusuma’s application for an permanent resident visa as an outstanding scientist of an exceptional ability. It is my personal assessment the Mr. Kusuma’s professional qualification and his continuing application of project management, strategic planning and cost engineering skills in the United States will enhance our nation’s competitiveness. Mr. Kusuma is an outstanding scientist with excellent background in management' class='brand-secondary'>project management, strategic planning and cost engineering and has significant achievements in the energy industry including benchmarking, cost estimation and cost assurance. Mr. Kusuma graduated from University of Trisakti in Jakarta, Indonesia with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and Dipl. Ing. in Construction Management from Hanzehogeschool in Netherlands. He is currently also taking a professional Master of Science in Project Management from Walden University, Minneapolis. Apart from his excellent professional career, Mr. Kusuma has also been a strong contributor to five non-profits organizations in the United States.
I am currently serving as Area Chairman of Management and Legal Studies in the College of Business of Loyola University New Orleans. In Addition, I hold the Henry J. Engler Jr., Distinguished Professorship in Management. As such, I have been heavily involved in educating business executive while conducting business researches. My research interest include Quantitative Analysis, Quality Management, Cross-cultural Management, Technology Management, Forecasting and Project Management. I have published numerous articles in leading professional journals worldwide. I also conduct Six Sigma Green Belt Executive Training regularly. I f...

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...l to the efficient and successful production of oil & gas industry. His unique skills and “can do” personality of particular importance in a time when there is a tremendous need for greater energy to fuel our country’s economy and for increased energy security by locating and developing resources in the U.S. allied countries.
In my opinion, Mr. Kusuma is an outstanding engineer with a unique skill sets in project management and cost strategy. Mr. Kusuma remarkable achievement and contribution have enable him to arise not only on top among his peers but for broader community in the United States. This is therefore to our nation’s interest Mr. Kusuma in this country. I unconditionally support Mr. Kusuma application for a US permanent resident status. If I can provide additional information for your decision making process, please call me at (504)…… or email…..

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