Application Essay for the Ph.D Program in Chemistry

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The decision to continue my education by pursuing a Ph.D in chemistry stems from my desire to be a lifelong learner and the satisfaction I have received from my research during my undergraduate studies. After visiting the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the CHOPs visitation, and speaking to the the faculty and students, I saw they share the same passion as myself in solving new problems and having an extensive education, and is why I have chosen to apply to its Ph.D program in chemistry.

What do you intend to study in grad school and why?
Green energy and chemical biology

Part of the reason why I chose to attend the University of Minnesota Morris was its emphasis on sustainability.
With my background in sustainable chemistry I intend to study the synthesis of materials that would reduce our environmental impact, such as biodegradable polymers, photovoltics, and photochemistry. I also intend to study the interface between biological systems and chemistry.

My education at the University of Minnesota, Morris has inspired me to do research in green chemistry. I chose to study Morris because of its focus on sustainability, and throughout my undergraduate career I

As part of the polymers chemistry and the environment course, we synthesized and studied many types of polymers, from biodegradable to ones used in organic photovoltaics. (more)

How did you get interested in your field?
Throughout my life I have always been curious about the world around me and I strove to understand it at a deeper level. Driven by my curiosity, I took college accredited science courses in high school, and I enjoyed the hands-on work in my chemistry class and was drawn to how fundamental it is to my everyday life.

For much of my undergr...

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... seeing the projects in the chemistry department I hope to carry out research in creating environmentally friendly materials and improving the growth of alternative energy. During the CHOPs program I was fortunate enough to visit Professor Mahanthappa's lab and speak to his graduate students, and I am particularly interested in their work on biodegradable polymers and their assembly, and polymer electrolyte membranes. I am also interested in working with Professor Jin's group on nanomaterials and solar energy, as well as other professors research in solar energy and green chemistry. Through I have some experience with these topics my Chemistry of Sustainable Energy and polymers class offered at my university, continuing to learn about these topics by performance cutting- edge research would help me achieve my goal of making new advancements in sustainable chemistry.

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