Application Essay for Graduate Studies

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Statement of Purpose In this era of information technology I feel a sense of pride in being so closely associated with the field of computer science. The desire to forge ahead in this field by doing cutting-edge research has motivated me to pursue graduate studies. In my childhood, I was very inquisitive and used to wonder how different machines and instruments work. Right from the age of 13, I was given the opportunity to gain acquaintance with Computers. I had learned BASICS, MS-DOS along with the subjects in my school curriculum. I chose Computers as my elective subject for my grade 10th (secondary school) to grasp the better understanding about Computers which led the foundation of Computer Engineering as my career. In my 12 years of schooling I was always ranked among top 2% of the class. My strong liking towards Mathematics and Science, helped me in doing fairly well during my 10th and 12th grades. After school, I appeared for State Entrance Exam for Engineering, in which I secured a position in top 2% out of two lakh aspirants. I was offered a seat in Bachelor of Technology program in Computer Science major in Institute of Engineering and technology, University of Kanpur, a Government Aided University. Here I experienced outstanding faculty, excellent laboratory facilities and advanced curriculum, which altogether kept me abreast with the latest research in computing and information systems. From the first year of the course itself I started exploiting every opportunity to learn new things and get a more practical knowledge about it. My undergrad coursework included C/C++ programming, Data Structures, UNIX, JAVA, DBMS, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, Microprocessor, Software Engineering, Distributed Computing, Statist... ... middle of paper ... ...facilities for research in my field of interest. Moreover a university with such confluence of people from every culture, nationality, religion and ideology, will definitely aid in the overall development of my personality while at the same time, highly competitive and intellectually stimulating atmosphere at this University will bring out the best in me. I am fully aware that this university expects very high standards of commitment and perseverance from its students. I also agree that journey ahead will be arduous and demanding at times but I am sure that with my strong technical background, adaptability and high motivation I will see me through this challenge. Hence I request to consider me for being the part of this gratifying and enriching experience of learning with possible financial aid. I want to thank you for this opportunity given to me to express myself.
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