Application Essay for Dietetics Internship Program

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The most significant experience I have had in my life was coming to the United States without speaking much English, going to school, and earning the Bachelor’s degree.

Living in a foreign country and going to school was very challenging, especially when I was a self-supporting student working and attending classes at the same time.

I achieved it by my motivation, discipline, and flexibility, as well as the emotional supports from family and friends.

Throughout the experience of living in the U.S., I have learned important aspect of life, extended understanding and respect toward other cultures, and matured greatly as a person, which I could never be accomplished if I stayed in Japan.

I also met great friends and mentor whom always support and encourage my professional and personal developments.

My challenging is still on-going, and my next step is in pursuing my career goals at UH. I know that it will be hard but invaluably rewarding experience.

After having the opportunity to meet with you and interns, I became very interested in pursuing a position offered at University of Houston (UH). I am confident that it will allow me to complete the American Dietetic Association's requirements to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) and provide me with a wide variety of practical hands-on experience and the valuable didactic training I need to be successful for my career goals. I believe that this internship is the best fit for what I am looking for in an internship professionally, personally, and financially.

Over the past six years, I have been committed to gaining work experience in the dietetic field, regardless I was paid or a volunteer, along with my academic course work. I have been working as a community...

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... over ten years, but have never had a chance to live on the South Coast. It would be a meaningful experience for me to understand more of the U.S. culture, academic, and medical trends if I am given the opportunity.

I feel that I am well prepared to participate in VT Dietetic internship due to my work experience, ability to support myself financially, and success in academic coursework.

I am confident that with my positive attitude, professionalism, and motivation, I will be able to interact well with your preceptors and show them the respect they deserve. Due to the tremendous assets this internship can provide me professionally, personally, and financially, I truly believe that this internship is the right choice for me. If given the opportunity, I am highly motivated to successfully complete the internship program and achieve my goal of becoming an RD.

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