Application And Value Of Knowledge

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One of the most important terms to define for this question is value. Value can be seen in tangible terms or in cognitive terms. Of course tangible assets such as cell phones or houses cost money thus, they are valuable. However, value can also be seen in intangible things such as memories or ideas. Personal thoughts might not necessary hold value to others, but it can be considered as something of worth for the individual possessing the thoughts. One definition for value is something that has the ability to be exchanged for another item or in "terms of some medium of exchange." In this essay I will be attempting to answer the following question "To what extend do the Arts and Mathematics play a role in the understanding of the connection between…show more content…
For instance, the laptop on my table, the money I haven my pocket, or the building I 'm being educated in are all forms of value created and spread of knowledge. Knowledge can be spread through language, reason, etc. which are all achievable through an education. Education is a way of seeing knowledge in action which furthers the application of knowledge as the students learn. An education can be considered an intangible good with a value, but with education comes the application of knowledge through teaching. It is understood through education that knowledge is not worth much if it is not used in reality or applied to physical items such as in the creation of books, food, or shelter. An example can be seen in most children and adults, which is their knowledge from others around them. As a newborn my knowledge of the world was extremely limited, but it expanded as I grew older because of the knowledge the individuals around me taught me. I was able to obtain new forms of knowledge daily because I either experienced or was taught new ideas through language that allowed me to place a value on the knowledge based on its use.…show more content…
For instance, I would consider myself an artist. The act of putting something to use is the definition of application. In art, if I 'm not able to put my thoughts and ideas to use on paper or pencil there is no form of expression. With reason, I understand that without the application, there is not a form of art therefore, there cannot be a value put on just an idea of art. These ideas can only hold value for me, but not for others without the application of my thoughts. This is because I know what the ideas are in my brain so I can put a value on, but others who cannot visually see or feel my thoughts cannot assign it a worth. In art, there are different forms, styles, and techniques that can be seen through an individual painting. These styles and techniques are also a form knowledge that need to be applied in order to be seen or hold value. The audience cannot gain any sort of benefit from the knowledge inside my head without any form of expression. Although this is not completely true for everything of value, most of the time application of knowledge leads to the creation of something that holds worth, possibly because of its tangibility. The viewers of the Mona Lisa can gain knowledge through the style of her attire or the time period she was in due to the background. The audience can see the emotions through her facial expressions and interpret what she felt at the time. These viewers undergo the
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