Apple Vs. Apple

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Apple Incorporated was first created on April 1, 1976, opening up a new world of technology. They were founded on the principles of making a simple, but great product. Android was founded on September 23, 2008. At that time, Apple was already sitting on 32 years of experience. Apple has been a part of society and our lifestyles for almost 40 years! Android has been around for only 7 years. Looking at these numbers makes an enormous statement: without a doubt, Apple is a far better and more experienced company than Android. Like any company, there are obstacles that stand in the way of making a good product. For example, when Disney lost Walt, "it took over a decade for the company to get back on track" (Harry McCracken). The president of…show more content…
When we look at the pros and cons of both major companies, you find that both have good things to offer, but one company stands above all of the rest. According to the title of a Time magazine article, they say that, "The Smartphone. . .Wars Are Over, and Apple Won" (Harry McCracken). Apple is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Every year, the company hold conferences introducing the new lines of products. This is one of the most anticipated events each year. With all of the experience this company has had, there is no doubt that they have the best products on the market. Its clean look provides some of best experiences on a device. It may seem that having a lack of freedom on these devices is something not desirable to have, but it is just the opposite. The Global Post pointed out a very interesting fact, "One advantage to Apple 's closed ecosystem is a greater guarantee of security. . . making viruses and malware nearly unknown on the platform" (Aaron Parson). Having an enclosed system is more of a protection than a restriction. This is what makes Apple so great. Its simple system provides easy access and accessibility for all ages of users. What more can we ask for in a product? This is a truly amazing, yet, simple…show more content…
He said, "Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest" (Karyne Love). What his company did was absolutely amazing. Apple has changed the way we do things in the world. He made a path in which all other major companies have followed for decades. It only makes sense that Apple is the better company. When walking down the street or visiting the mall, it is hard not to see someone using an Apple product. That itself makes a huge statement. Apple is a part of all of our lifestyles. Like any company, there are a few flaws. It is impossible to have a perfect product, but Apple has steadily inched closer to having a perfect one. No matter what the situation is, these products suit any needs people face in work or in many different lifestyles. Without a doubt, Apple is a far better and more experienced company than Android. It is as simple as that. Well, at least Apple keeps it that
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