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Case 8: Apple 2013
One of the leading technologically advanced companies that have seen huge change over or say the situations such as losing an integral part of the company i.e. the CEO as Steve Jobs and again being able to regain him and also establish itself amongst the best preferred brands between other competitors. Apple today is one of the leading brands of handsets preferred by people that wish to have sophisticated position in the society and are able to afford such expensive technology. Thus in this case we come to know the ups and downs faced by the company and how it managed to sustain itself from the market competition.

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1. SWOT analysis of Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft:
Apple Google Amazon Microsoft
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Here in the customer could buy the songs from iTunes by paying just 99 cents and then listen songs. It rapidly got more customers due to its revolutionizing music industry and also gaining leadership position in short period. Due to this the market share rose and eventually the company gained more revenues. It also kept the sales in concentration and launched new campaign by keeping IPod users in mind “iPod people”. The advertising was very effective due to the creative aspect used which drove the customer for the purchase of the product.
Apple iPhone: The launch of iPhone was a transformation for the entire company. It was introduced as a multifunction smartphone that provided customer with a very unique touch base interface and an excellent operating system delivering results as same as a personal computer. To make it available in the market the company joined hands with AT&T. As the time passed by, the company kept on upgrading the model from 3G to other versions. It launched iPhone 4, then iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and 5S and the latest are iPhone 6, 6S and 6S plus. Also built different user interface that helped people to get connected to the family at one touch.
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Ever since then he acted as a shadow for the work that was done by Steve Jobs. He carried out excellent supply chain of the products that were sold by Apple. He had a very high impact on the entire working of the organization. He also restructured the entire supply chain of the products that helped the company to gain more of revenues in the market. Tim Cook as a successor of Steve Jobs was recommended by Jobs himself as he was a constant support to Jobs in his day-to-day working and also understood the objectives that Jobs wanted to attain for the company. After taking over as the CEO of Apple, Tim always made an attempt to stand out of the crowd i.e. the competitors in the market that provided the same range of the products as Apple. By innovating the technology that was being used earlier Tim brought into a revolution in the company environment and offered differentiated products to the consumers. He understood the competitor’s strategies and worked accordingly. Also due to this, the company still ranks amongst the luxurious products. Also having a wide knowledge of marketing the product in the untapped market helped Tim to grow more and company as a whole to grow more. Thus, the efforts taken by Tim Cook are favorable for the company for overall development and sustaining in the market

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