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Apple Company has a broad supply chain which extended to several regions around the world. To well understand the diagram shown above, initially, it’s necessary to clarify and define supply chain concept. The supply chain is a network consists of a number of businesses, individuals, technology, materials and inputs which contributes in manufacturing and selling the firm’s products. (Supply Chain (SC), 2013) As it’s clear from the above diagram, Apple’s supply chain is breaking down to five main processes and they will be explaining and discussing here in this part of our project in details. First of all, Sourcing is the basic step in every supply chain because it’s similarly like the columns in the construction, without them, it will be weak, …show more content…

Apple products manufacturing is carrying out in china only where all needed bits of products collected from suppliers are assembling there to start production. One of the reasons that makes the majority of businesses around the world to carry out their manufacturing processes especially in china is that Chines people accept low wages which results from having a very high population. As a result, Apple and the majority of businesses nowadays tend to build their facilities and carry out their production in poor or countries with high population. That would give them the potential to reduce costs and then increase profits. Apples owns factories in China where all their production carrying out till they submit finished …show more content…

As we said in the preceding process, Apple Company rely on two warehouses with different sizes. This can be explained as a smart technique to meet different types of customer needs and orders efficiently. Those customers who purchase Apple’s products using its Online Store, their order will be shipped to them from Apple’s intermediate warehouse via United Parcel Service of America (UPS). Apple uses the large warehouse factory which is via Elk Grove in California, to provide distributors, wholesalers, network carriers, direct sales, and retail stores such as Carrefoure, Sahraf DG, JUMBO and many other retailers. This warehouse factory is considered as a central warehouse and also it includes a call center. (Is Apple Supply Chain Really the No. 1? A Case Study,

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  • Explains that apple's supply chain is a network of businesses, individuals, technology, materials, and inputs that contribute to manufacturing and selling its products.
  • Explains that sourcing is the basic step in every supply chain because it's similar to the columns in the construction, without them, it will be weak, fragile and easy to be overtaken by other competitors.
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