Apple Persuasive Essay

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A pple Inc. has earned a reputation like no other company in the entire world of business. With continuous spectacle debuts of innovative and user friendly products, Apple sets the model for how other organization need to follow in order to chase down profits and stay in the race. Apple has taken one many roles as a company: a design firm, a media platform, a publishing company, a software powerhouse, a computer builder and an entire movement. If we scrutinize each role Apple has taken on, you will find a company at the top of their industry and a recipe for building one of the most influential businesses of all time. Instead of Apple looking to build a product around the customer’s need, they focused on building what they wanted. When Steve Jobs debuted products like the iPad, critics insulted and believed the iPad would fail. The numbers clearly have said otherwise. Every time Apple has decided to innovate, they were laughed at but continued to prevail. Apple has turned conventional products into a seamless and beautiful piece of art that people want in their homes and in their ...
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