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Marketing Strategies to Reach Marketing Objectives It is essential to consider marketing strategies in order to reach marketing objectives. This process can be broken down into four sections. The sections are product strategies, pricing strategies, promotion strategies and distribution strategies. All of these subjects are important to acknowledge when developing a marketing strategy and must be considered equally. Examining each part will provide a clear and complete interpretation of what the marketing plan in China for the iPhone should be.
Product Strategies Innovation is a subject that Apple has always prided itself upon. There are multiple ways in which the Apple demonstrates innovation, whether it is in its devices or interface. The
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The iPhone is already marked at a high price and Chinese consumers are not very interested in paying so much for a small device. Apple must consider this when marking up their iPhone prices. After the import tax, iPhone the markup cannot be too low because Apple still needs to make a certain profit margin. However, it would be smart for Apple to slightly lower the price of the iPhone in order to gain customers in the Chinese markets. The lowering of the prices would be better if it were in a more controlled way and limited as a specific discount. It would be smart for Apple to offer a discount to the demographic of people between the ages of 16 through 26 for a specific period of time. With this discount, this group would be given the option to buy an iPhone at a cheaper price than market value. There are two specific ways that this discount strategy would be beneficial. This demographic is seen as the leader of trends, whether it is fashion or technology. When adults or young children see them with an iPhone, they will likely want one for themselves. In addition, this demographic will soon grow into independent adults who have the buying power to get whatever they want. If they are already used to iPhones, they will be more likely to buy the newest version when it comes out. This discount would help entice more customers and help the iPhone gain more…show more content…
Personal selling should be used as a promotion strategy. Apple Stores already use personal selling, but not to the extent that they could. The Apple Store could enhance the selling of the iPhone by making it seem more valuable and necessary. It would be beneficial for the Apple Store to create a more exclusive and luxurious atmosphere, in order to justify keeping prices so high. Personal selling can be used to persuade customers into believing they need to have an iPhone. The competitors of the iPhone promote their phones somewhat differently than Apple does. They promote their phone as simpler than how Apple promotes the iPhone. The competition sells itself in being affordable. The iPhone’s advertisements and promotions would focus on prestige and luxury, while its competition focuses on usefulness and lower
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