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With the rise of the world’s most valuable brand ‘Apple’, it is becoming essential into understanding how it reached this number one position. As a consumer, it is important to recognise that the strategies implemented by Apple, have been used as a powerful marketing tool for several reasons (Summers, J., Gardiner, M., Lamb, W. C., Hair, F. J. & McDaniel, C., 2005). One of the reasons includes marketers and managers being able to define customer wants and needs more precisely (Summers et al. 2005). The aim of this essay provides a outline on how Apple uses a customer – driven marketing strategy to segment, target, differentiate and position it’s iPhone product to consumers (Kotler, P., Burton, S., Deans, K., Brown, L. & Armstrong, G., 2013). An analysis of the marketing mix is used to support the positioning strategy of the iPhone. Market segmentation is a necessary strategy when a company selects the customers it will serve (Tynan, C. & Drayton, J., 1987). “Its aim is to identify and delineate market segments which would then become targets for the company’s marketing plans” (Tynan, C. & Drayton, J., 1987, p.301). This suggests that it is relevant for company’s to gain a better understanding of their consumers and their particular interests. Apple, which is well known for its innovation and uniqueness, segments its iPhone products using multivariate segmentation, where more than one variable is considered (Kotler et al., 2013). As apple has a wide range of iPhone models such as the iPhone 5s and 5c, its consumer markets mainly consider demographic, psychographic and behavioural variables (Tynan, C. & Drayton, J., 1987). As apple chooses a segmentation bases by analysing and creating a profile it targets, it assesses the requir... ... middle of paper ... through its advertising activities that aim to focus on psychographic variables. For example, image one (appendix 2) expresses the feeling and personality of the IPhone 5c through its variety of colours that engage consumers to purchase the product (Cox, J., 2013). In conclusion, many companies implement a customer-driven marketing strategy that aims to segment, target and position it’s market. Apple an organisation known for it’s wide innovation of electronic products uses this strategy to help gain a better understanding of its consumers it will serve. Yet, two appendix’s used to support Apple’s product the IPhone 5s and 5c, position the author in its primary target market as a university student, with the support of a tailored marketing mix. The marketing mix helps achieve apple’s overall marketing strategy by delivering the wants and needs of consumers.

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