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Apple Life
In the 2013 commercials for the iPad and the iPad Air, which can be found on Apple’s official YouTube account, Apple makes the viewer feel like having one of their products, such as these, are a necessity in everyday life. Just how does Apple evoke the feeling of necessity to its consumers?
Apple, being the big company that it is, surely knows how to target the different audiences it wishes to purchase their products. To do so, Apple uses repetition and bandwagon appeals. The “Life on iPad” commercial shows many different people of all ages and walks of life, and by doing so Apple makes the viewers see that having one of their products, in this case the iPad, is a must no matter what you need or want to do and whatever your job and lifestyle may be; the same goes for the iPad Air commercial.
Instead of outright telling its global market to purchase their products Apple uses their commercials to subtly hint and make the consumers feel a need for their products. In the “Life on iPad” commercial they make the impression that everyone needs an iPad by showing many different people from the most relaxed to the most extreme lifestyles, this commercial is their way to prove the iPad can be used no matter who you are or what you do in life. The “iPad Air” commercial on the other hand, shows a pencil in most of the commercial and pretty much describes how useful the pencil has been since its invention. This method catches the attention of the viewer as it makes one wonder why there is such a commercial for a regular everyday pencil, when most people buy it anyway. You are then caught off guard by their answer, the iPad Air, at the end. Their remarkable way of showcasing the iPad Air’s lighter and thinner design confirms how easy...

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...l shows could possibly make one say “If a child has great uses for it why can’t I?”
In the end, Apple is able to reach its universal market due to these commercials. Their use of logical fallacies and different emotional and logical appeals project an image that Apple products are a necessity for everyone, no matter who you are, how old you are, and wherever you may be, whether it be in Earth or in a Space Station.

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