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A Brief History of Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs
What is there to say about Apple that many around the globe may not already know? Let's just start with a brief background history of Apple to give us a better understanding of how this giant company came about. Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company with its headquarters located in Cupertino, California. Apple is best known for its development and its merchandising of consumer electronics, computer software and online services. Some of their profitable products include the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tabled computer, the iPod portable media player and many other technology based products. Apple was found by three men in 1976, they are best known by the names of
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One competency that has been consistent for apple since the beginning has been innovation. Apple likes to design their products based around customer pleasure. They want consumers to have an overall good feeling when using their products by making sure they create every product appealing to the eyes and the soul of the buyer through their designs and technology. Their corporate strategy is based on the capacity to think different and they achieve this by creating products that are unique and difficult to imitate. This strategy has been proven to be successful time after time because regardless of its high prices, people are still willing to spend the money to get the satisfaction of having an Apple product in their…show more content…
A protected ecosystem differentiates Apple from its rivals since it is the only company whose devices run on IOS. In regards to their brand appeal and loyalty, Apple is one of the few electronic brands that is categorized as a luxury brand. Despite these strengths, in order to extend their competitive advantage Tim Cook needs to be aware of Apple's weaknesses and how they could affect the company in the long run. One of those weaknesses is their heavy dependence on the iPhone which accounted for nearly 70% of their revenues in the past few years. They need to live up to their reputation for innovations and be committed to the development of new products in order to keep consumers attracted to other products that Apple has to offer, alleviating the heavy reliance on the iPhone and opening more doors for a broader competitive advantage in the

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