Apple Computers

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Apple Computers

There are many things you could think of when you hear the word apple. For example, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” or “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Yet if you said apple to most Americans they would think of the infamous APPLE Computers. The reason this is so, is because APPLE Computers has changed history, present and the future in America. There are three main reasons for the company becoming so remarkable. First is Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack, second is the early days of APPLE Computers and third is modern day APPLE and its great effect on America. APPLE Computers has captured the wallets of Americans, the minds of business men and the hearts of kids young and old.

It all started with two fearless leaders, two men paving the way for the future of electronics. It all started with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack. The C.E.O. of Apple, Steve Jobs, also known as the god of the iPod was also known for being cold in the workplace. (Deutschman, 248-249, 253, 35) Steve Jobs was the original flame behind the Apple fire. Even though at times Jobs was difficult for people to work with, he got the job done and did it well. “Wozniack was the brains behind Apple in the early days, the one who did all the hard engineering work while his better-known partner, Steve Jobs, served as the public face of the company.” (Lyons and Daniel) Wozniack is the lost piece of the Apple puzzle. Most people don’t know the story of Steve Wozniack. He put his heart, soul and mind into Apple. He hit it big in 1980 and had promise at Apple but in 1981 Wozniack was injured in a plane crash and never fully returned to Apple. Through all the years of Apple’s existence, there was conflict and tension between Jobs and Wozniack....

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...nformation that is released about it. There is, however, a promise for new products and a hope that even more of their products to go down in history.

APPLE has forever changed America. It will go down in infamy; it will be put in history books. It is not only a powerful company by it is a great story and example for Americans. It exemplifies perseverance, passion, mistakes, consequences and overall continuing on towards a dream or goal. Not only Americans but people all over the world can look towards APPLE as an example when problems arise or when they have a dream that seems impossible to reach. APPLE shows that you can reach for the very top and still achieve your goal. That you can reach for the highest apple on the tree and with hard work, perseverance and passion you can reach the apple. APPLE has forever changed the electronic and music world in America.

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