Apple Computer, Inc. Tools, Messages, and Timing of Promotion

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Thesis According to Rabinowitz, (n.d) creative promotion is the means through which attention can be drawn to the organization, the services offered by the organization, in relation to an event or campaign run by the organization. It is the most important tool to use in creating a positive image on the publics’ minds about the company. This paper is meant to discuss on the creativity used by Apple Computer Inc. in the promotion of their innovative services and products. It will outline the tools used by the company in the event of promotion and equally identify the timing and the messages used. Message Messaging is a way through which the organization can effectively communicate with its customers and potential customers during the pre-selling, selling and post selling stages (M. Trehan & Trehan R., 2010). Apple Computer Inc. uses advertising as ways of communicating to the customers. The images of their products and the videos of some of the products viewed on their promotional sites are attractive and send a message of quality (Apple, n.d). Kissmetrics, (n.d) argues that, in most c...
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