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When Steve Jobs started his computer building business some many years ago, I wonder if It had dawned on him that so many papers and textbook articles would be written about his company and how he and his company Apple did busy. Apple has been on the cutting edge of so many different ideas and has truly changed how the business world turns.

When performing an internal scan of Apple and looking at the companies strengths and weakness three categories rise to the top. These categories are Apples Structure or to put it into other words it is a review of Apple’s chain of command. Really, it is who reports to whom and when reviewing the top management and some of the personal that are sitting on the board of directors?

In 1985, an executive from PepsiCo came to Apple and took over the title of CEO from Steve Jobs. Jobs still remained with the Apple and became the new CEO’s mentor. This lasted until there was a power struggle between the two, which lead to the board directors of Apple, and the CEO agreeing to avoid Jobs risky plan for Apple future at that time. This difficult battle ended with Jobs leaving Apple.

Fromm 1990 to 1993 the company underwent several CEO changes and many of the top management thought it would be best for Apple to merge with a competitor but after no merge took place many of the top executives left Apple.

By 1996, the structure of Apple as in complete disarray and the company seemed to be doomed. However, Apple was sinking and was looking for a lifesaver and Steve Jobs was on the side of the pool with NeXT a company he formed after leaving Apple. NeXT began to breathe life back into Apple after the merger. By the 2006, Apple was very successful and breaking new ground on technology, which w...

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