Apple And Microsoft: Apple Vs. Microsoft

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Apple vs. Microsoft
Almost every house in America and even the world has some sort of Apple or Microsoft product. In the world today we rely strictly on technology to survive, and doing so we are willing to pay top dollar for the best of the best. These new Cloud and Droid devices continue to grow in size and in options, this unfortunately means the price will continue to raise. Microsoft and Apple have been head to head for years on trying to discover the next best thing. Apple as we all know changed the world with the delivery of the iPhone and has been on the top of the charts ever since, but this has not always been the case.
The rivalry is more than just two companies trying to out do the other. It was a war of technology between two men. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, names most people are familiar with, and these two men could easily be given the credit of giving us a modern world. Gates started working on computers at a very young age, wanting to create computer software. He eventually made his way to Harvard, this is when it all changes. He develops a modern day organizer, but at this time it is uncharted territory and everyone wanted to get there hands on it. Jobs path to success was a little more bumpy than that of Gates. Not having Harvard as an option and having to live off the bare minimum to put himself through school, he finally got his foot in when he was hired as a technician. Finally Jobs and a buddy decided to start selling their products and started Apple. After some time with the company Jobs was not handling himself well with other employees as the problem began to worsen the board decided to fire him but keep him as chairman. He took it with a grain of salt and decided he would once again start another com...

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...come more and more advanced security is still the biggest issue. Apple’s software gives them the edge on Microsoft due to the high security and anti-virus capabilities, but one of the most important factors is the iCloud system. Being able to sync, back up, and restore your devices are some of the perks of owning multiple Apple products. Microsoft has tried many times to use the android system to mimic Apple with their phones, but still cannot out do the iPhone. Fortunately Microsoft still is in the top charts of gaming category with the new release of the Xbox one, and continuing to experiment with tablets. There are pros and cons to each companies devices and it is all about personal preference of what you are comfortable with but without the competition between Apple and Microsoft who knows what kind of operating system or how advanced our technology would be.
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