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The mobile phone market in Viet Nam began in 1994 with only 3200 users. Today, there are 148.5 million (VietnamNet 1). Many people are using smart phones and one of the favorite brands is Apple, especially in Viet Nam where there is one of the fastest growing smart phone markets. Thanks to the growing domestic economy, Vietnamese people have more disposable income for smart phones. Despite the fact that many people in the world prefer using Android, Apple still is the best smart phone choice for Viet Nam. Apple, with its large offering of applications (apps), user-friendly technology, and superior speed compared to other brands make it the best smart phone option for consumers in Viet Nam.
The first advantage of Apple as the best choice for Vietnamese smart phone users is its large offering of apps. According to Forbes, there were 998,919 apps as of Dec 9 and 138 apps being added everyday. Nowadays, not only are children addicted to video games but adults too. The iPhone offers great entertainment options allowing them to relax as out of the 998,919 apps games take the largest share with 18%. Moreover, people prefer using free apps so Apple offers over 60% free apps for users (Jones). This large, expanding, and diverse selection of apps makes Apple the best choice for smart phone users. In addition, according to the international market research firm Nielsen, 84% of people were satisfied using the Apple App Store versus only 81% satisfaction with the Android App Store (Nielsen). Not only does Apple have superior App options, they also have better access to these apps and more user friendly download via the app store. As we can see, apps from Apple are more popular than its competitors, and satisfied the users more often.
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