Apocalypse Now and Vietnam

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Apocalypse Now takes place during a harsh time in American history. The United States was bogged down in a war against an enemy they created themselves. Vietnam reflects the jungle in Heart of Darkness very accurately. The jungle was exploited by the Europeans. The Europeans drained their ivory and were only in there for personal gain. This was disguised by the superficial idea that they were bringing civilization and were spreading their beacons of light to the dark innards of the jungle. The jungle in return ripped apart the minds of the men and showed them that they are no different then the natives. The jungle showed them that they were in fact the savages Vietnam like the jungle was also exploited. Vietnam was originally colonized by the French. The French first attempted to reap profits by planting rubber trees. The plantations ended horribly as shown in the movie. The American war in Vietnam is also for profit. During war millions of dollars are made by selling weaponry to the government. This is likewise cloaked by claiming that we are bringing democracy to Vietnam. ...
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