Aphra Behn and Dorothy Wordsworth: An Analysis of Women Writers Negotiation of Historical Constraints.

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Aphra Behn once said “he that knew all that learning ever writ, knew only this - that he knew nothing yet.”After the French Revolution, the Restoration Period emerged and developed as a major influence in literature’s stylistic approaches and theoretical explorations. During this time period writers outlined prose, drama, and blank-verse. Eighteenth- Century Literature also unites a broad-based group of diverse authors and poets, literary characters, and orations. Nonetheless, as a result Milton and other renowned male writers became known to add value to our world by using their personal experiences to interpret through meaning a vivid understanding of life. However, women writers were deprived of their abilities with limitations being put into place to support a traditional barrier between woman and man. Women are characterized by various things and have been influenced by nature throughout existence just as Behn reference to Adam and Eve and what made the men stand out from the women (Longman Anthology of British Literature 2138). Silently perched in their birdcages, women are considered merely objects of beauty, and are looked upon as intellectually and physically inferior to men. This belief in women's inferiority to men is further reinforced by organized religion which preached strict and well-defined sex roles. During the Romanticism Period, artistic capabilities, literature, and creative elements flourished through contemporary practices, going against the norm of society. This sparked an “age of emotions.”Following this, women brilliantly regained affirmation to challenge the historical constraints against them and manifest in opposition to the unlikely probabilities.

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... This is certainly exemplified in Wordsworth’s Floating Island as nature a prevailing sense of being is given the characteristics’ of a woman “but nature, though we mark her not, will take away-may cease to give (533).” Literature gained so much more meaning as women began to interpret the world through their eyes. The implication of literature increased and expanded universally. With regards to Behn and Wordsworth, literature comes with rewards, for you gain a sense of knowledge and experience. In other words, the process of writing is condemned in our own state of minds. The Restoration and Romanticism both explore the transition of women from modest social individuals to obtaining authorship.

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