Aphasia: A Mental Disease

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There are many mental diseases in the world. In this paper we will be talking about a mental disease called Aphasia. We will explore what Aphasia is. We will find out how someone is diagnosed with Aphasia. We will learn the different types and treatments for this type of mental disease.

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is present when the patient knoes what he or she wants to say but cannot pronounce it. The patient with sensory aphasia has difficulty understanding language and may articulate words easily but use them inappropriately. (Davi-Ellen Chabner The Language of Medicine 10th edition)

Aphasia is recognized by a neurologist physician who treats a person for their brain injury. The physician usually performs test that requires the patient to follow commands, answer questions, name objects, and carry on a conversation. If the patient has Aphasia they are reffered to a speech-language pathologist, who tests the persons communication abilities. Such as the ability to speak, converse socially, understand language, express ideas, read and write, and the ability to swallow and use alternative and arguementive communication.(

There are different types of Aphasia which can cause mild to severe impairement. With mild Aphasia, the person is able to communicate but has trouble understanding complex conversations or finding the right words . With the severe Aphasia it restricts the persons ability to talk. The person may talk little and may not participate in or understand any conversation.

Expressive Apahasia (non-fluent): The person knows what he or she wants to say yet has difficulty communicating it to others. It doesn't matter what the person is trying to say or write what he or she is trying to communicate. Receptive Aphasia (fluent): The person can hear a voice or read the print, but may not understand the meaning of the message. Someone with Receptive Aphasia take language litterally. Their own speech may be disturbed because they don't understand their own language. The most severe type of Aphasia is Global Aphasia: Global Aphasia is often seen right after someone has a stroke. The person has difficulty speaking and understanding words. In addition the person is unable to read or write. (

`There are two types of treatment options for aphasia, speech and language therapy. Some people with Aphasia do not completely regain their communication skills they had before the disorder. With speech and language therapy it can help the patient improved their language skills by relearning them, It can help better use of the residual language ability, It also can give the patient the ability to communicate in a different way, making up for missing words in speech.
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