Apartheid in Literature

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Apartheid in Literature Apartheid In researching the existing text related to Apartheid, there must first be proper definitions of the term 'Apartheid'. Next comes the identification and analysis of works of literature that speak of Apartheid and the lives of people under the South African government. There will be a review of literature concerning Apartheid, where the validity and reliability of each reference source used to shed light on this issue will also be considered. Thesis Statement To what extent did the statement in the novel Cry the Beloved Country, "It is fear that rules the land" apply to Leonard Monteath Thompson's book, A History of South Africa and reality? Definitions of the Apartheid To be able to further understand and address the topic, there must be a specific definition of the term 'Apartheid'. In my present scope of research, the term 'Apartheid' turned into 'a drastic, systematic program of social engineering' (Thompson 2001). As a result of the NP [National Party] use[ing] its control of the government to fulfil Afrikaner ethnic goals as well as white racial goals (Thompson 2001). This is further agreed by Mandela as it is described as one of the most powerful and effective systems of oppression ever conceived. Literature on the Apartheid In studying the different text from different authors, we can have a much wider perspective on their views and opinions on the implementation of Apartheid. From the different texts, we can also feel what people are going through as they are written from different perspectives. In Alan Paton's novel, Cry, the Beloved Country although it makes c... ... middle of paper ... ...esent work, especially the websites, have rather incomplete information on Apartheid, thus allowing my work to further expand on. Apartheid is a discrimination system in which whites are legalised to discriminate against the blacks therefore it is important to study this system to prevent it from appearing around the globe. Bibliography Paton, Alan. (1991) Cry, the Beloved Country. Longman Group: Longman Literature Series Chokshi, M etc. Computers and the Apartheid Regime in South Africa. www-cs-students.stanford.edu/~cale/cs201/apartheid.hist.html. Date Retrieved: 13th April 2004 Thompson, Leonard M. (2001) A History of South Africa. Yale University Press; 3rd Edition Unknown. Brief History of South Africa. http://www.southafrica-travel.net/history/eh_menu.htm. Date Retrieved: 14th April 2004
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