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930 words

The September of 1620 a ship, the Mayflower, carried nearly one hundred and two passengers as it left Plymouth England and headed for new land (Source 6 , Source 8). The passengers of the Mayflower were looking to find land that would allow them to practice their faith freely and in hopes for new land to settle on. It was sixty-six days before the Mayflower reached the tip Cape Cod which was north of the destination they had been looking for. It took nearly a month for the Mayflower to reach the Massachusetts Bay which was the intended destination of the ship. When the Mayflower reached the Bay the Pilgrims began working on building a village . The Pilgrims were devoted working through the harsh winter but many died due to the harsh exposure …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how the mayflower carried nearly one hundred and two passengers as it left plymouth england and headed for new land.
  • Explains how squanto taught the pilgrims how to get extract from maple trees, cultivate corn, avoid poisonous plants, catch fish, and was an interpreter for the pilgrims and wampanoag tribe.
  • Explains that it was over 200 years later before congress made thanksgiving an official holiday. abraham lincoln first proclaimed that thanksgiving would be held every year in november.
  • Explains that thanksgiving was held on the last thursday of every november until franklin roosevelt moved it up one week to try and help in the hard times of the great depression.
  • Explains that many scholars believe in thanksgiving controversies such as that the feast at plymouth was not the first thanksgiving in the united states but that european settlers predate the pilgrims celebration.
  • Explains that thanksgiving dates back to an ancient harvest festival celebrating gratitude for peace and harmony. many ancient agriculturist believed that their crops contained spirits that caused the crops to grow.

Squanto taught the pilgrims how to get extract from maple trees, cultivate corn, avoid poisonous plants, catch fish and was an interpreter for the Pilgrims and Wampanoag (Source 7 , Source 6). The things that Squanto taught the pilgrims would help keep them alive and help build an alliance between the Wampanoag tribe. The Pilgrims planted their first harvest in the spring of 1621, and it was a successful harvest with the help of Squanto (source 6). The Pilgrims had finally experienced their first successful stepping stone to the new life they had been longing for since they had arrived and it was worth celebrating. It was Governor William Bradford that invited the Native American allies and organized the feast that would be known as first …show more content…

Thanksgiving today is about cooking and sharing a beautiful meal with family and friends which is far from what the first Thanksgiving was like. The first Thanksgiving was held to celebrate the first successful harvest they reaped (Source 5, Source 3).The feast lasted three days and turkey was not one of the items on the menu. The Pilgrims ate native fruits, Jerusalem artichokes, turnips, cabbage, native birds, shellfish, and Venison (source 11). Other Items did not show up on the menu until after the 1900s. The first Thanksgiving was quite different from modern Thanksgiving in many ways but one thing that hasn't changed is taking the time to be thankful for all that we have and have been

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