Ap Euro Dbq Research Paper

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1.) During the practice of witchcraft from the 15th to 17th century, infant mortality was very common. Supposedly, the Devil compelled witches to do many evil deeds, such as killing young infants when they're born, roasting them, then eating them. One 16th century witch of Dilligen, Germany was said to have killed a young child by sucking out their blood around 1584 (Document 1). Witches used a variety of tactics to kill children. This same witch of Dilligen killed another child by “rubbing a salve” on him (Document 1). Things like this weren’t uncommon among witches, so you can only imagine how many more brutal deaths of children have taken place over the span of a century. 2.) There was a very distinct connection between social status of a couple/household and accusations of witchcraft. It was almost always certain that witches were married to poor men with low-paying jobs. For example, records…show more content…
First of all, the Catholics believed that those who have become witches chose to abandon Catholicism and chose to give themselves to the Devil, and for that they should be punished (Document 3: Pope Innocent VIII). Protestants, however, believed that though witchcraft is wrong, people don't choose to engage with the Devil, but instead he chooses them himself since the only way he will take action is with help from an actual person (Document 4: Martin Luther, 1522). Even though neither Catholics and Protestants necessarily support witches, Protestants still believe that it’s possible for a demon(s) to have been “cast out” of someone’s body after being possessed (Document 5: John Calvin 1536). Both Catholics and Protestants did agree on the fact that witchcraft is bad and shouldn’t be encouraged, but the essential idea of each of their beliefs are different: Catholics believed people choose to give themselves to the Devil, whereas Protestants believed that innocent people were possessed by the
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