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Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in 1597 about two young, teenage lovers who fight to be together but their families would despise such a thing. The two do everything they could possibly do to be together. Revenge, love, and secrets force them to grow up quickly. The two families of Verona known as the Montague’s (Romeo’s family) and Capulet’s (Juliet’s family) are continuously in a bitter feud. Prince Escalus, the ruler of Verona, declares that anyone in either family involved in any future fighting will be put to death. In Act 1, Capulets throw a masquerade ball every year. The Montagues, of course, are not invited. Capulet and Lady Capulet, hope that this year their daughter Juliet will fall in love with Paris at the ball and marry him for the sake of keeping their family name reputable. Romeo crashes the party only because he wants to see Rosaline, a young lady he simply lusts over. But at first sight of Juliet, Romeo falls in love. Juliet is also hooked. They speak, and kiss. As the party ends, Romeo and Juliet discover that they belong to rival families and are both distraught. This is where the real trouble erupts. These two teenagers go far out of their way to be together. They remained to keep it a secret from their parents. All of this adds up to the theme of rebellion. Rebellion means to go against something and in their case, their families. Romeo and Juliet are two helplessly in love teenagers that are rebelling against the ones who raised them, just to be together.
Romeo and Juliet are rebellious in the modern sense also. No matter what time period and what’s occurring, rebelling is rebelling. In their situation, they are going against their family yet in the same instance continuously o...

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...rds and that if she told him she loved him, he would change his name. He was fine with never being Romeo again. In “Romeo and Juliet”, a big mistake that Juliet made was going against what her parents were saying and telling them that she’s not marrying Paris. Her parents then become furious with her. Her father threatened that if she doesn’t marry Paris, he’ll disown her and throw her out in the street; she can beg for food or starve. She then comes up with a master plan to get out of the wedding.
Rebellion is something that everyone can relate to. It’s not always about fighting authority, but just trying to figure out who you are and what you need. It might not be the wised course of action, but we learn many lessons from it. People tend to take the word rebellion in a negative perspective. It often is used for people to chase their dreams and get what they want.
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