Anxiety: The Causes And Dangers Of Insomnia

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Insomnia occurs when someone experiences difficulty falling and staying asleep (New Perspective, 2010). For some people, insomnia’s a major condition that greatly affects their daily life from how they behave towards others, to how they feel about themselves. There’s a reason why they’re unable to get a goodnight’s rest and those factors vary from person to person. For example, maybe they’re plagued by nightmares which create an atmosphere they’re unable to fall asleep in. Maybe they just moved to a new place much different from their last, or maybe they consumed too much caffeine earlier that day and the effects are still present in their system. Insomnia is a major condition and should be treated as such which is why it’s important to understand…show more content…
Anxiety creates an overwhelming feeling causing the person they feel as if their world was crashing down. They may feel as if nothing is going right in their life, as if they had all the bad luck in the world. At every point in somebody's life, they regret something they either said or did. Anxiety attacks a person’s conscious and manipulates their emotions. This creates an inability to relax, forcing them to stay awake and anxiously think about the things they could have done differently. Overthinking is a symptom of anxiety that has a huge relation to insomnia (National Sleep Foundation, 2017). Overthinking stunts a person's ability to fall asleep because they can’t do anything but dread the next day. They worry about their future, even if it’s the most trivial things. Stress and anxiety mixed with insomnia is a vicious cycle, because the more stressed a person is, the less sleep they get and the less sleep they get, the more stressed they become. Managing stress and anxiety is important because of the way they correlate and effect other…show more content…
Anxiety causes a person to stay up, unable to shut their brain off because they’re too worried about something they did or said earlier that day. With depression, the feeling of sadness or hopelessness can cause a person to lay awake in bed, reevaluating their life and questioning their decisions. Lifestyle choices, for example, consuming caffeine, affects a person’s sleep because the more they consume, the more energetic they feel which can last until nighttime. The human body is meant for a full night’s rest since it’s the only time the brain can shut off and rejuvenate which is why understanding insomnia is so
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