Anxiety In Everyday Life

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Anxiety is part of life. Everyone will experience anxiety from time to time in their life. Anxiety may seem common human experience but explanation towards anxiety is quite difficult. As anxiety is human emotion, the experiences may differ from one person to another person but the symptoms are same. Furthermore, anxiety is produced by multiple causes. It is expressed by a diverse set of symptoms. These symptoms include physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive components. For example, there are several situation explain symptoms of anxiety such as Rohayu is a restaurant owner. Rohayu is constantly worrying about everything. Whether she is concerned about her business not doing well or if the food are not delicious or how she want to go to shopping. Rohayu just cannot seem to…show more content…
Other example is Johnathon cannot explain why he is anxious every day. When he wakes up every morning feeling a sense of dread. His anxiety usually lingers until about mid-day. Then, finally he can enjoy his daily routine. Based on examples, anxiety is may seem as normal and even adaptive occurrence for most people in daily life. A normal degree of anxiety can be part of the everyday human experience but unfortunately some other people may experiences such a height degree of anxiety that it will causes them a great distress. Not only that, it also can affect with people’s ability to function well. It will interrupt many areas of their lives such as work, school and relationships. When anxiety reaches this level of distress and affect their decision of daily life. So, it is the beginning of anxiety disorder to take place some of people.

Based on my experience, I still can remember my first time riding a plane. I’m very

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