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Anxiety is common mental illness in the US, which Kim Krisberg talks about in her article “Anxiety: A Normal Response That Can Feel Overwhelming. The cause of anxiety is brought up in Peter Crostas’ article “What Causes Anxiety?” Crosta also explains the treatments for anxiety in his article, “What Are Treatments For Anxiety?” In Kim’s article she talks about anxiety and what it is, she states that it is a normal feeling we all experience at some point in our lives. She states how there is bad anxiety and good. The good normally keeps us motivated and even protects us in dangerous situations. The not so good anxiety is when your worry gets out of control and overwhelming. Kim talks to licensed psychologist, Simon, Rego, he says “Anxiety is good at the right levels and in the right conditions. We need it. It fuels us to focus our attention and to think about behavioral solutions to threats in front of us. But it’s when it’s like a pot that bubbles over that it’s bad.” Sally Winston, is a PsyD founder and co-director of the Anxiety and Stress Disorder Institute, also gives examples of anxiety and an anxiety disorder for Kim’s article. “If I’m worried that I have a cavity and have an actionable plan, that’s normal and productive.”(Winston) “But if I’m not able to tolerate uncertainty, if I’m going around and around on unanswerable question, If the worry is excessive and unproductive, then that’s a sign of a disorder.”(Winston) Peter Crosta wrote an article explaining the many different causes of anxiety. He touches base on five different concepts that anxiety might come from. The first one is environmental factors; Crosta says that the stress from work, school, personal relationships, and home life can cause anxiety. Another is ... ... middle of paper ... ...mental symptoms. All of these articles have the similarity of anxiety, however, each article touches base on a different subject that has to do with anxiety. The three authors are trying to educate their viewers on anxiety, rather if they have it, or need to know if they have it. In conclusions, both authors Kim Krisberg an Peter Crosta give great articles on anxiety. Helping educate the viewers on what it is, the causes, and the treatments. Works Cited Crosta, Peter. "Treatments For Anxiety." Medical News Today. MediLexicon International, 23 July 2009. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. Crosta, Peter. "What Causes Anxiety." Medical News Today. MediLexicon International, 23 July 2009. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. Krisberg, Kim. "Anxiety: A Normal Response That Can Feel Overwhelming." The Nations Health. American Public Health Associations, Mar. 2014. Web. 12 Mar. 2014.Vol. 44

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