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Brutus and Anthony both gave powerful speeches at their dear friend’s funeral; they do this to lead the public into making different conclusions. However the reasoning behind each speech differs. Brutus’ aim is to convince the general public why they killed Caesar. They killed Caesar for the good of Rome as Caesar was too ambitious “I have done no more to Caesar they you shall do to Brutus” (Line 32-33). Anthony persuades the public that his friend is not ambitious and manipulates them into avenging Caesar “Now let is work... Take thou what course thou wilt”(Line 257-258). Anthony gave a more powerful speech through rhetoric devices, arrangement, and style.
Rhetoric devices are used to persuade the audience in both speeches. Antony uses verbal irony as a component of persuasion in his speech, “For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar’s angle”-(Lines178). It is ironic as Caesar and Brutus were close friends and since Brutus stabbed him this makes Brutus Caesar’s angle of death. Antony uses repetition to persuade the audience “Brutus says he was ambitious, And Brutus is an honorable man”-(Lines 83-84/90-91/95-96). This is to makes the people question Brutus’ honor and if Caesar was truly ambitious. Brutus also uses repetition in this speech; “For him have I offended”- (Lines26-27/28/29/32) followed by a gesture about rome. He does this to convince the people that they should not be offended by him because he killed Caesar, as he does this with Rome’s best interest at heart. Antony lists “Friends, Romans, countrymen”-(Line 70). Brutus lists “Romans, countrymen, and lovers”-(Line 13); starting with “Romans”-(Line 13) this prevails his fatal flaw of loving Rome too much. This contrast shows that Antony is lowering his self standards ...

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... had stabbed him “You all do know his mantle... in this place ran Cassius’ dagger... what a rent the envious Casca made... through this the well-beloved Brutus stabbed.”-(Line 167-173). Finally Antony shows them Caesar’s dead body “Here is himself, marred, as you see, with tailors.”-(Lines 193), then he pulled the cloak and reveals Caesar’s body.
All mentioned above proves this author’s honest opinion that Antony gave a more powerful speech then Brutus. Antony uses rhetorical devices such as verbal irony, repetition, and lists. His arrangement is also more affective as he starts by proving Brutus wrong by using facts and examples to support his argument. Finally Antony has a more powerful style when presenting as he appeals to the reader’s emotion, asks rhetorical questions, and gestures. As proven though his essay Antony’s speech is much more powerful then Brutus.
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