Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek Biology Essay

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Antonie Phillips Van Leeuwenhoek, the father of microbiology is one of the most influential people of science; But how and why? Philips Teunisz a and Margriete Jacobsdr Van De Berch married on January 30, 1622, In Delft Netherlands. They had their first child Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek on October 24, 1632. Philips and Margriete had six more children , but before Antonie turned six years old two of his sisters and his father Philip died, leaving his mother to raise five children by her self. Margriete remarried to a man named Jacob Molijn on December 18, 1640; When they married Jacob sent Antonie to boarding school in Warmound, Leiden. This is the only know education to Leeuwenhoek. When Antonie was six-teen his step-father Philip died and Antonie was sent to live with his Uncle in Amsterdam. In 1653 Leeuwenhoek got an apprenticeship for a Scottish linen draper, Antonie was hired as a bookkeeper and casher, he held this position for five years. On July 11, 1654 Antonie returned to Delft and married Berber De Mey, they had five children together but four died in infancy. Also in 1654 Leeuwenhoek purchased a woolen shop in Delft. Antonie and Berber were married for twelve short years before Berber died in 1666, although Antonie was heart broken he decided to remarry a woman named Cornelia Swalmius in 1671, they had no know children together. In 1653 Leeuwenhoek made his first microscope, a simple microscope like a magnifying glass used by textile merchants to count threads. The day he made his first Leeuwenhoek soon discovered it wouldn't be his last and just like that he opened a door to the small yet magnificent wonders of the world. As Antonie discovered his new hobby he also discovered that it wasn't a cheap hobby, s... ... middle of paper ... ...d that it was infact made up of sells and came from spawn. Leeuwenhoek was also the first scientist of his time to discover what was said to be ant poop was in fact ant pupae. Before Leeuwenhoek past away on August 26 1723, he was visited by many great people in that time including Peter I of Russia, James II of England, and Fredrick II of Prussia. After Antonie Philips Van Leeuwenhoek died his daughter was entitled to everything that Antonie owned, she donated all of his microscoped and specimens; The list consisted of 250 finished microscopes, 200 mounted species, and a 26 piece box set made of pure silver. Antonie's daughter donated everything to the the Royal Society of England. Leeuwenhoek was advanced for his time and helped mold what science is today, and because of all he has discovered in his life it has made him deserve the name the father of microbiology.

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