Anton Chekhov

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Have you ever heard of a doctor who wrote plays? Well now you have, Anton Chekhov. Anton Chekhov lived in Moscow, Russia around 1898. 1898 Moscow revolved around Anton Chekhov, who brought theatre fame to Russia. 1898 was home to a lot historical events, theatre information, and Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. Around 1898 there were many remarkable events, Russia’s most remarkable event was the first congress. Russia’s first congress was named RSDLP (Dietrich 140). At Russia’s first congress they attempted to conjoin all political parties, which failed (Dietrich 140). Stepan Radchenko was the oldest Russian Democrat (Dietrich 140). Austria’s Empress Elizabeth was murdered (Grun 450). Zeppelin built his first airship (Grun 450). The Treaty of Paris was made (Grun 451). The treaty involved the Spanish Empire and the United States of America (Grun 451). Polonium and Radium were discovered (Grun 451). Dysentry Bacillus was found by Shiga (Grun 450). Xenon, Crypton, and Neon were found by Ramsey (Grun 451). Artificial light was used to take photos for the first time (Grun 451). This ...

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