Antoine Laurent Lavoisier: A Brief Biography

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Antoine Laurent Lavoisier is considered to be the father of modern-day chemistry. He had an unbelievable impact on the way the world views chemistry today. From identifying elements to discovering the importance of the role of combustion, he played an essential part in the world’s scientific ideas and inventions. He was so influential that he is said to have an equal if not greater impact in chemistry as Newton did in physics. Because of these accomplishments, he is considered one of France’s and the world’s most outstanding scientists. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was one of the world’s most influential scientists and people of all time because he was a leading figure in the 18th century chemical revolution, he developed a theory on the chemical reactivity of oxygen, and he discovered the Law of Conservation of Mass.

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born on August 26, 1743 in Paris, France. He was the only child of a wealthy middle-class family (Antoine Laurent Lavoisier). His father was a very successful merchant. His education consisted of the study of mathematics, the classics, and sciences. He chose to pursue a career in chemistry because of an interest in that he had and grew with over time. Following his gift in education, he went off to college and discovered a passion for law while he was there. After he finished college, he went to law school. He spent much of his time attending various lectures about chemistry and physics because he didn’t find the teachers to be very demanding of his effort and time. He continued to practice experiments in his free time under the supervision of a naturalist (“Antoine” Britannica). He then attended the very prestigious Collége Mazarin to study humanities and different types of sciences (“An...

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... theories that were later proved by other scientists. He is credited for being a prominent figure in the chemical revolution, his work with combustion and the discovery of oxygen and its properties, and discovering the Law of Conservation of Mass. Lavoisier is definitely one of the most influential people of all time, as well as an unbelievable chemist and all around person.

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