Antimicrobial Drug Resistance

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Introduction Antimicrobial drug resistance (AMDR) is a clinical phenomena, it means that the ability of specific microorganism to acquire resistance property against certain antibiotic which it was susceptible before (Meyers, 1987; Russell, 1997). AMDR process is the natural consequence of pathogen adaptation to antimicrobials used in medicine, animal food, agriculture and household activities (Gould & Meer 2005, p. 617). Antibiotic medication history is successful in human health. Antibiotic are using to killing the bacteria which can be cause illness and diseases. Antibiotic medication saved many people life from critical situation by combating bacteria. However, some bacteria have become resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Significantly, antibiotic resistant bacteria are bacteria that not controlled or killed by antibiotics. They are able to survive and multiply in the presence of some antibiotics. The most serious concern with antibiotic resistance is that some bacteria have become resistant to almost all of the easily available antibiotics. These bacteria are the main reason behind of getting serious diseases like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and multi-drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) (Better Health Channel, Antibiotic resistant bacteria). The most common reasons of increasing antibiotic resistant problem are over and unnecessary prescribing of antibiotic and bacterial transmission from the hospital settings. Doctors and patient both sometimes do not maintain the bio-ethical consideration for the antibiotics resistant. In an under-develop country of Bangladesh, bio ethical consideration maintaining is almost absent. People expected doctor or pharmacist to prescribe antibiotics... ... middle of paper ... countries, poverty and inadequate resources are the main barriers to implement policy and program applicable to developed countries (Byarugaba, 2004, p. 105). As a underdeveloped country, Bangladesh needs to be some policies for the antibiotic resistance and bio-ehtical consideration needs to maintain for the extensive public health. Antibiotic clear policy needs to established and monitoring is the mandatory for the intervention. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance (Gould & Meer, 2005, p. 607) might be a good way to indentify the problem and will provide a pathway for better situation. Mass level consumer awareness is potential for the improvement of the situation in Bangladesh. Doctors, health care workers and other individual such as drug seller need to under cover with a antibiotic resistance so that they can aware for providing to the patients.

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