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Are people justified in breaking the law to save a family member’s life? Many times the presence of laws prohibits people from doing what is right. Whether it is instances where someone is trying to save a life or serving the greater good of the community, laws may not be beneficial or conducive to resolving the situation. Throughout history, many laws have been broken to bring redemption to corrupt situations. Sophocles, a Greek playwright, emphasizes the importance of laws, but also mentions situations appropriate for breaking the law. The play Antigone, written by Sophocles, demonstrates these certain circumstances in which it is okay to break the law. Although laws should be obeyed to keep a well-organized society, certain situations indicate that it is okay to break the law to fully bring justice.
Even though Creon forbids a proper burial for Polynieces, Antigone defies him to bring honor and recognition to her brother. In Scene 1, Antigone suggests that her act of rebellion is acceptable by opposing Creon and supporting her brother. Antigone “den[ies] nothing” (i.ii.116), and is willing to die in respect of her brother. Her bold statement implies that family is a substantial reason to break the law. Despite the troubles her family has caused her, Antigone remains loyal to her family members. She makes impulsive actions to uphold her family’s honor. Antigone defends her actions by revealing how the law interferes with family matters. Her behavior clarifies her morals, which pertain to the idea that family is a legitimate reason to defy higher authorities, and her thoughts on family and its significance. Though Creon’s law may be seen as irrational, he believed that it was the right decision at the time. In order to maintain...

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...e of her brother and her culture. Antigone demonstrates the importance of tradition and rights through opposing Creon and breaking the law, even if her decisions may have caused mayhem.
While laws should be reserved and upheld in society, particular circumstances justify the means of breaking the law. Laws exist solely to manage and regulate societies, but one should recognize the flexibility of laws when morals are involved. Even if the purpose these statutes are advantageous, it is acceptable to go against the law for various reasons. It is acceptable to break the law if these reasons are rational and provide benefits to others. When a complex situation arises, one should follow their conscience rather than to follow the law and abide to its restrictions. Though one should be mindful of the laws, exceptions can be made with the support of moral and ethical values.
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