Antigone by Sophocles

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Antigone by Sophocles

In the play Antigone by Sophocles one can find the conflict between Antigone and her uncle, Creon. The cinflict comes into play when her brother Polynices is killed in a battle and is prohibited from being buried. Creon refuses to make an exeption to the law on the ground of it being family. The conflict goes back and forth from Antigone and Creon. This conflict is the meaning of the entire play.

First it all starts off when Antigone’s brother, Polynices, goes to fight with the kingdom of Argos. Thebes which was his homeland had a law made by Creon that prohibited any traitor be given a funeral. Eteocles who was another brother of her was given the greatest funeral when he died I the battle himself. She was determined to find his body and give him a burial. Creon foght with her telling her that if she did so she would be killed. Dispite his warning she decided not to adhire to his advice. She did get to finish her deed which was to bury her brother. But when word reached her uncle Creon he was furious. He sent for her. Creon did not to be disobeyed by anyone in his kingdom, especially one living under his roof. Creon sent guard to send her to the woods to be killed. She was being sent off her to her death by the man that had become her father after Oedipus had died.

Everyone was aware of the conflict. Some agreed with Antigone’s point of view and others stuck by their king, Creon. Antigone was engaged with Haemon, Creon’s son. His son was in conflict with his father’s way of using his authority. He let Creon know that for sending away his love he would hate him forever. He went off to save Antigone. He was to late. She had already died. He went back in desguest to his father’s kingdom, Thebes. When he got their, he got infront of his father and committed suicide. Creon was devistaded. “So senceless, so insane. . . my crime, my son, cut off so young! Thoughtout your stupidity, no, my own” (1257-80). Creon began to realize what he had done by being in conflict with those he loved.
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