Antibiotic Resistance: The Resistance Against The Resistance

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The Resistance Against The Resistance
Antibiotic resistance is when certain antibiotics lose their ability to render harmful pathogens inactive. When bacteria become resistant to antibiotics they will continue to grow and multiply without the antibiotics having any effect on them. Bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics are called superbugs because they are very hard to be destroyed within the body.
Antibiotic resistance can be caused by many things. The most common way in which bacterium build up a defence to antibiotics is by mutation. Mutation of a bacterium is when the DNA make up of the bacterium is altered, this in turn will change the shape of the antigen of a bacterium. Antibiotics will then not be able to inactivate the bacterium as they do not recognise it. One of the most common reasons as to why bacterium mutate is because many people do not finish their course of antibiotics. This is because they feel better so they stop taking the antibiotics, this means the bacterium only get exposed to the antibiotics enough to build up a resistance not enough to cause them to become inactive. Bacterium’s can also release special enzymes that are sent to attack the antibiotics. When doing this the enzymes will engulf the antibiotics which make the bacterium resistant to the treatment. Another way in which bacterium can build up a resistance is by changing how permeable the cell membrane is. In doing this the bacterium is limiting the amount of access points into it. By doing this the antibiotics will struggle to get into the bacterium, making it more resistant.
Misuse or overuse of antibiotics plays a key role as to why bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. With antibiotics easily available these days people will s...

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...less bacterium will become resistant as the right antibiotics are prescribed. The government must control and monitor what is happening with regards to dispensation of antibiotics to make sure the doctors are doing their jobs properly. Doctors should only prescribe antibiotics to life threatening diseases, not your common cold. This will decrease the demand for antibiotics and therefor there is less of a chance of the bacterium mutating. Doctors and governments can also work together to create awareness of what is happening with regard to the antibiotic resistance. This in turn will make the communities of South Africa more conscious when using antibiotics. When doctors are testing new antibiotics extensive research should be done. Doctors should be looking past the patients health but also the possible effects on the environment and future use of the antibiotic.
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