Anti Semitism, Racism, Hate Crimes, And Discrimination

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Immigration; it has always carried some form of derogatory premise. But haven’t we all been a product of such a predication? Somewhere along in of our lineage, we (yes all of our fellow Americans) come from a genealogical link to an immigrant. The United States has not been coined the “melting pot” for any non-existent reason. People have come from all cultures, nationalities and every corner of the Earth to become an ingredient in this melting pot recipe. There are those cultures that have had to endure harder trials and tribulations upon reaching this great land of opportunity; but every ethnicity has had to endure some form of discrimination just because they are different from a cultural norm of where they are trying to assimilate. We have laws and acts of exclusions, prohibition of job applications, anti-Semitism, hate crimes, refusals to educate, profiling and some heinous acts against specific ethnicities. Is it right to hate or dislike someone because of their color? Their religion or beliefs? The way they dress? This list has the ability to go on and on. From my eyes and in my heart; it is only right to dismiss specific people because of something that may have been directed explicitly at the person. Just because I may have had a stressful or uncomfortable confrontation with one Jewish person; there should be no condoning a hatred for all Jews. Bottom line, we are all human. European immigration withstood many discriminatory similarities as each ethnicity made their way across the Atlantic Ocean; each found persecution mainly in their religious beliefs, but there were many other variables in the oppression each group received, there were issues of cultural, sociological and political viewpoints that caused some o... ... middle of paper ... ...s called “projects” were constructed to replace the low income housing; however, the availability of housing was cut dramatically. The urban renewal allowed for more corporate and office positions to be made available, but unfortunately caused the loss of the small family run businesses. As a result of the urban renewal, there was the initiation of mass suburbanization. There were both “push and pull” factors that enabled the inflow of residents into suburban areas outside of the cities. “Pushing” people to leave was the lack of affordable housing, over-crowding, increased expenses, rises in crime rates and the poor quality of life. In contrast, the “pulling” factors included less congregating, cleaner land, the ability to own a home (the largest and progressive pull) and the ability to have local control with incorporated police precincts and government offices.

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