Anti Colonialism In The Third World

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Even if people today think of countries that are poor and unindustrialized when they hear the phrase, the Third World, the term actually emerged in the Cold War to represent countries that did not either align with America or with Soviet Union. Third-worldism, which was created by countries in the Third World, “is a political project more than a geographical category”, as we mentioned in class, and the ideology behind it is that the countries are in the third world, which is the new world and united themselves to separate from the first and the second world because of opposition of imperialism and neo-imperialism, colonialism and anti-neo-colonialism. Creating something brand new, uniting to confront ,anti-imperialism and anti-neo-imperialism, anti-colonialism and anti-neo-colonialism were the main elements of Third-worldism and the Bandung…show more content…
China tried to be the leader in the Third World and its intents of acting resonate with the Third-worldism. In 1950, at the beginning of the Cold War, Mao decided to support Soviet Union and joined the North Korean War to clarify and emphasize the anti-imperialism stand, and the defeat of US prepared China to get the leader position in the Third World. In addition, the anti-imperialism claim resonates with the defeating imperialism part of the Third-worldism, and the overlapping made China easier to get trust among countries in the Third World. As time went by in 1950s, Mao’s attitude toward Soviet Union changed from supporting to being suspicious and admiring less. Even though Soviet Union helped China with industrialization and economic development, such as the five-year plan in the early 1950s, Mao began to worry about Chinese political
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