Anthony's Relation To The Trial Of Casey Anthony And OJ Simpson

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On June 16, 2008 Caylee Anthony was last seen leaving her grandparents house with her mother, Casey. In exactly one month, Cindy Anthony, her grandmother, calls the police to report that Caylee has been missing. Casey did call the police, however, to tell them that the babysitter had kidnapped Caylee. July 16, 2008, Casey was arrested for child neglect and false information. It would be hard to indicate that a person was guilty if there was no body found to prove that. On December 11, 2008 the remains of a little girl were found and sure enough it was the body parts of Caylee Anthony. The evidence and surroundings of her death pointed at her mother, however, at the end of the case she was proved to be not guilty for the murder of her child.…show more content…
The cartoon shows relation to the trial of Casey Anthony because OJ Simpson was accused for killing his girlfriend and was called not guilty even though the public media knew he committed the crime. The message the political cartoon gives off is that no matter if you committed the crime or not if no one can find evidence then you will be found not guilty. The author uses exclamatory from “Way to go Casey!” to show that there is some corruption in the criminal system because someone is cheering her on for being not guilty for the murder of her own child even though everyone in the media believed she was guilty. The only information included in this cartoon is that the author illustrates that OJ Simpson is on the phone with Casey Anthony, but leaves out any information on OJ himself. If it shows a picture of him in jail what similarities does it have for Casey Anthony? The author is illustrating this cartoon to show how corrupt the system might be if a free man is giving advice to a woman who is also free, but both of them were considered guilty by the media. Granlund expects his reader to understand the relation in both cases and how they match each other to show that anyone can be proven not guilty even though they committed a
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