Anthony Wesley

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Anthony Oliver Wesley was born 30 two years ago in London, Britain. He was the firstborn child in the Wesley family. The firstborn druid actually. This birth caused only joy and happiness for the Wesley family. Oliver and Rebekah were so happy to have their first child to take care of. They were rich, able to afford everything and anything to their child, not like most druid families were back at that time. Therefore Anthony grew up surrounded with people who loved him and who gave him everything he could ever wish for. He is used on getting everything he wants and due to that you could say that he is a little bit of a spoiled brat. Not that he would actually cry if he did not get exactly what he wanted, but he knew, since his young age, how to fight for it and actually get it. Tony's parents gave him whatever he wanted, yes, that is true, but that doesn't mean they weren't tough on him sometimes. They wanted his son to be proud to call himself a druid, and therefore since his young age, his father started training him and learning him druid skills. He was born druid, and he had his powers since the day he came to this world, but that did not mean he knew how to use them, and that is why his father started training him since Tony was two years old. Tony always felt the lack of love in his parents behaviors towards him, but on the other side, he knew that they loved him far more than he understood. They just wanted to make their son tough and strong enough to carry on with his family heritage. Due to his parents always giving him what he wanted, and training him since his young age, Tony became a faithful druid, but a proud man. His family had some standards which he followed since he was just a little boy. That was what mad... ... middle of paper ... ... wanted her for himself only. He even wanted to take her away from that company, because he felt like she deserved better from life. But on the exact same day when he was about to go and tell her what he had in plans, the company was shut down and not a living soul was left there. Since that day he never saw Virginia again, and worse, since that day, he never felt the same way for a girl. Quite recently Tony moved to Beacon Hills. He is looking forward to moving the center of his company from England to Beacon Hills, where he could hopefully settle down and buy his own house, build a life eventually. He has also heard that a few werewolf packs are running through the woods of Beacon Hills, and therefore, he decided to offer his help and join forces to the alpha he finds the most suitable. It's time for him to find the purpose of his life and settle down a little.
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