Anthony Burgess's Reasons Why America is Falling Apart at the Seams

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At first glance I thought the essay was about the reason why he feels America is falling apart, but after reading more I now understand it better as his posing a question for the reader to answer on his own. Anthony Burgess never really takes a definite side on the topic. He gives many reasons why America is “falling apart at the seams”; on the other hand, he makes it clear that he likes America for what it is and would return. Throughout the essay, Burgess switches tones in order to give the reader a better understanding of his view. There are many stands that he takes that are biased and based solely on his one year stay in New Jersey. He makes references to other cities that he visited within the States, but all within that one year stay. Due to that reason I answer the title question with no. To understand his essay I had to understand his use of the term falling apart. When anything is falling apart it is on a path to destruction, not necessarily reaching it but on its way in that direction. Considering this, there is not enough evidence to agree that America is falling apart then nor now. Burgess makes many points in the essay why America is falling apart. One of the first that he brings up is the fact that Americans are spoiled. They never had to struggle for the basics. Our necessities are other countries (Europe mostly) luxuries that we could actually do without. This is a geographical fact, depending on where you visit, Americans struggle just like Europeans in his view. Of course I can see some parts of America where this is true, but you cannot group everyone by defining only a few. He also states that we are a materialistic society and that this leads to dependency on these materials. He suggests that when private ... ... middle of paper ... ...od of eight months, but that is not a reason to say my neighborhood is falling apart, for now they have started building the remainder of the new houses and they are selling faster than they can put them up. Today America has overcome many of the problems he brought forth in his essay; although America still has its problems and some of them more crucial than others, it is not a reason to say that America is falling apart. Several countries go through a period of fixing the problems that arise and it does not mean that they are falling apart they are just addressing the many issues that come about. Most of the points that Burgess makes in his essay he rebuts by explaining why and how America will overcome them. None of the reasons he gives can be a cause for the demise of America. All events can be overcome with work, which he states that America is willing to do.
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