Answers to Three Questions About Climate Change, Food Supply and Agriculture

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1. Before reading through these articles I had read a little bit about how climate change may be having an effect on our food supply, especially due to the droughts and heat waves being experienced across the country these past few years. I am not very aware of how this shortage will impact the global economy, but I imagine it will not be a positive one. I would also like to learn what can be done to help the food shortage, so millions of people around the world will not have to suffer health-wise or economically. 2. Vidal, John. (October 13th, 2012). UN Warns of looming worldwide food crisis in 2013. The Guardian. The grain reserves in the US are dangerously low. This means that if there is any sort of severe weather, such as a drought or heat wave, in the major grain exporting countries, a global hunger crisis could be set off. The problem behind this shortage is not just due to the unreliable weather but from the fact that we are not producing as much crop as we are taking in. our food consumption has surpassed the amount we are producing for six of the past eleven years. T...
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